research and development
Always attentive to market needs

Our R&D department is dedicated to the study and design aimed at the diversification of production and the satisfaction of new needs, arisen or induced by the customer. These innovations can concern both the techniques adopted to obtain a product and the product itself.
Our constant tension towards the improvement and innovation brings us every year to the realization of exclusive patents.


Certified food treatment

Certified non-stick surface treatment - anti-limescale - TM1 - NSF certified

Patented anti-slip tube system

Patented connection system with AST (anti-slip-tube) coupling system that definitively eliminates welding

Patented connection system with swivelling hose and AST (anti-slip-tube) coupling system for offset connections that simplify the assembly of the system

Patented connection system with double swivelling tube locking, suitable for high pressure applications with low nut tightening torques