SERIES 14000

Self-priming vibration pumps

SERIES 14000 Self-priming vibration pumps


Surface treatments applicable: TM4 upon request

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The pumps of the series 14000 use an alternate magnetic field generated by the supply voltage rectified by a seriesconnected diode and use the natural ‘instability’ of the device to move water to a point which is generally higher than the feeding tank. This capacity, also known as “head”, is a characteristics of the pumps and one of the parameters to be taken into consideration for choice together with the maximum delivery pressure (which is calculated with the ‘shutoff head’) and delivery. The pumps of the series 14000 are self-priming pumps, that means that they can start to work though the liquid to be pumped has not been filled in. Practically, the pump is “self-supplying” and the liquid suction is started automatically by depression. At start-up, this fact causes a small delay between the electric supply of the coil and the moment when the liquid is available at the pump outlet. This delay is as higher as the differeN.C.e between the tank height of suction and the user device downstream the pump. Every time the pump primes the liquid, the delivery it can generate is continuous, though the liquid is transferred by means of “pulses” which cannot be seen because of their network frequeN.C.y (50 Hz or 60 Hz). Due to their higher delivery, a typical application of the series 14000 and 14100 is drainage of condensate produced by the splits of air conditioners with a refrigerating capacity of up to 10 kw. The use of a special gasket on suction, which closing requires no loading spring, is the best advantage of this pump together with simplicity of construction, reliability and good protection against dripping when the pump is not used. The pumps of the series 14200, with their capacity of generating a higher delivery pressure, are used for the continuous supply stretch systems where water supply is from a non –pressurised tank and at room temperature, while the boiler is fed by the vibration pump.
  • Good performances and silent pumps
  • Totally made of brass 
  • Small size
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ease of installation
  • Saving
Water, irons, air conditioning
The main construction components of the pumps of the 14000 series are:
  • Pump’s body: brass EN12164-CW614N
  • Core: ferritic steel 
  •  Springs: stainless steel AISI 302/316
  • Gasket: NBR/ silicone 
  • Coil: H class